Texture styling tutorial. Time lapse.

Have you ever wondered how to create soft undone texture? This style is the hottest trend around, and isn’t going away any time soon!

The secret is the right mix of products for your hair type, and making sure it’s not too perfect. This really is one of the most simple styles out there. With a little practice and patience you will master it!

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Beauty with benefits

Hi Everyone!

Today we wanted to let you all know about our amazing loyalty program.

On top of offering first time guests 10% off their first service and product purchase we also have a pretty great loyalty program.

Basically everything you already do, you can earn money off for future visits!

Here’s how it works: 100 points = $1

– Refer a friend/ family member: 1000 Points

– Write us a review: 500 points

(google, yelp, facebook, each review earns 500 points)

– First time guest: 200 Points

– Pre-book your next appointment: 100 points

– Book online: 75 points

– Purchase product over $20: 25 points

Our goal is to always provide top quality hair cut and coloring services while also offering value and giving back.

Thank you to all of our current and future clients! Our first few months as a new small business have been wonderful because of you!

Don’t forget to start booking holiday appointments, as they will begin to fill fast.


We hope to see you all soon!

Haircuts. How often?

Hi everyone! Welcome to our salon page.

Today’s question is Haircuts: how often should I book my appointments?

Short styles and men’s cuts should be cut every 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your particular hair grows. Men’s haircuts, and women’s pixies tend to start loosing their shape around 4 weeks. At 6 weeks unwanted thickness and bulk are usually at play making the hair unmanageable.

Women’s bobs have a shelf life of 6-9 weeks. The initial length of the cut determines how often a bob haircut should be trimmed. Once length reaches the top of the shoulders it begins to throw off how your classic Bob is laying which leads to trouble styling.

Long bobs, shoulder length, and longer are less maintenance needing a cut every 8-12 weeks. All haircuts begin loosing their styling at some point. Even more important than your style is the health of your hair. We take pride in helping you maintain your signature style in the heathiest most convenient way possible.

Looking for a hair boost? Add on a deep conditioning treatment for even more benefits!

Book your appointments online and receive 75 points redeemable for big savings!

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